Meet Jake

My name is Jake and I am seeking the Ontario Progressive Conservative Nomination in London West. 

As a small business owner, an elected school board trustee, and PhD Candidate at Western, I will bring a strong voice to parliament that represents our community.  As a father, I understand the struggles all of us are facing.  Everything is more expensive and it's difficult to find work. Change is needed.

I know how government works and how to get things done.  I have proven that as a school board trustee by gaining funding for robotics in our high schools, equipping our schools with AEDs, increasing safety in school zones, and getting the province to add more supports for coding at the elementary level. 

I am also working on a PhD focused on education change in Ontario and have taught public administration in the political science department at Western. 

If elected, I will use my skills to give London West a seat at the table.  Right now we have no voice...

That's why London suffers from massive joblessness, hospital wait times are up, there is an opioid crisis in the city, and hydro bills are rising.  Life is harder under the Liberals but it doesn't have to be that way.

Please join me in defeating Kathleen Wynne so we can begin building a better Ontario.