Building Tomorrows…


Breaks down the silos in our society by making education not just a school board approach but a community approach.

It means working with our partners in London and other municipalities to help students dream big and make it in the new economy.

This is done by fostering global competencies including:

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
  3. Learning to Learn/Self-Aware and Self-Directed Learning
  4. Collaboration
  5. Communication
  6. Global Citizenship


With this in mind I propose to:

1. Create a STEAM Centre magnet in partnership with the local tech industry that is hosted in a professional collaborative tech hub space in London.

STEAM Centre

2. Work with the London tech industry to create a technology designation that recognizes the student recipient as being career-ready right out of high school.


3. Explore and begin the implementation of virtual technology in the classroom.

Virtual Technology Learning

4. Increase participation in robotics competitions and look for other community partner opportunities to foster STEAM skills.


5. Significantly improve parent-teacher communication about their student.

Parent Teacher Communication

6. Change the AED policy so defibrillators can be funded by Board appropriated surplus.


7. Work with the City of London to increase the safety in school zones and encourage more active travel.

Crossing Guard

8. Explore the opportunity for collaboration between the City of London and the Thames Valley District School Board to transition high school students from the yellow bus system to London Transit.


Over the past four years I have pushed the boundaries on what it means to pursue a technological education.  The new economy requires students who graduate with different skills than in the past which means electing innovative leaders with an eye to what lies on the horizon for education.

As your Trustee, I will continue 'Building Tomorrows' should I be re-elected. 

I hope I can count on your support on October 22nd.